Products Analysis

Minimal quantity of products

Quantities and Models

Views available

  • Total Sales by Product: visualize the total number sold on a platform by model
  • Monthly sales per year: visualize monthly sales for each product per year
  • Products sold per categories of sellers: visualize sales per categories of sellers

Sellers Categories - Caption :

  • Unique Seller: 1 product on sale
  • Occasional Seller: between 2 and 10 articles on sale
  • Professional Seller: between 10 and 100 articles on sale
  • Leading Professional Seller: more than 100 articles on sale

Total Sales by Model

Monthly sales per year

Prices Monitoring

Browse a Model

Model Browsing

You can browse by product: select one or several models, colors and material

Points in purple are identified as potential counterfeits because of their low price compare to the market, their perfect state and the profile of the seller

Prices evolution over time


Sellers Profiles Analysis


Analyse prices and quantities per seller

Each dot on this graph represents the profile of a seller, with the number of products he sold (x-axis) and the gap between its products’ prices and the platform’s average prices (y-axis)

  • E.g.: a seller located at 1.5 on y-axis tends to sell at 150€ a product which average price on the platform is 100
  • Use the sliders in order to refine your search

    Sellers Map

    Country Volumes

    Key Indicators

    Overview of the website

    You can observe various key indicators about the platform such as distribution of brands, positionning and seller-type segmentation

    Brand segmentation

    Brand Positionning

    Seller-type Segmentation